Youth Group at St. Paul’s is an inclusive, justice-seeking community of 7th – 12th grade young people. You are not only welcome here – you are celebrated for who you are! Middle and High School can be overwhelming and BUSY. We seek to offer a break from the pressures and constraints of life with a message of God’s unconditional love and an invitation to know Jesus. We live out our St. Paul’s mission and Welcome Statement with our youth, so if that sounds like a good fit we hope to see you soon! I lead the group with Sydney Simpson, our Contemporary Music Director, and several volunteers.

Rev. Lora Andrews

Senior Pastor


Youth Group

Check out what’s coming up in Youth Group! We will have FUN and grow together in our faith. We do that by staying true to our mission: love God and ALL others unconditionally, seek answers to our questions, and serve God by serving others. That means we are a place that is intentionally inclusive of ALL people, we welcome questions, and we are going to find ways to serve and give back to our communities as much as we can.

If you are new and interested in joining us, we can’t wait to meet you! All you need to do is bring yourself and we’ll take care of the rest.

We meet from 4-5:30pm in the Youth Room (unless otherwise indicated). Here’s what you can expect each week in addition to a game and snack:

  • First Sundays – Love
    These weeks we focus on loving God and all others unconditionally. One way we do this is worship, so we learn about elements of worship like communion or music. We also love through prayer and we might learn a different style of prayer of talk about what prayer means. We also love by sharing our faith with others so we might write notes of encouragement to our neighbors or service people in our community. On First Sundays we also get to sort food our congregation collects for food pantries nearby on our First Sunday Food Drives.
  • Second Sundays – Seek
    These weeks we focus on seeking answers to our questions. Our youth are full of questions! We might accomplish this by learning more about the Bible or learning about topics of social justice. Most recently our youth want to learn more about how God sees gender identity and gender expression and also learning more about what it means to be antiracist.
  • Third Sundays – Serve
    These weeks we spend time serving God by serving others. We get to partner with ministries and nonprofits all over KC (and beyond!) to serve. Most recently we made dental hygiene kits and helped get bags ready for The Hub Argentine Market.
  • Fourth Sundays – FUN
    Sometimes you just have to have FUN! We will play games and relax.
  • Fifth Sundays – EXTRA FUN
    When we are lucky enough for a 5th Sunday, we go above and beyond with our fun. In August, for example, we went to Shawnee Mission Park and went kayaking!

Parent Information
All of our leaders and volunteers are Safe Gatherings certified, which includes a background check. The safety of our youth and leaders is a priority and we want to earn your trust. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Parents/Guardians: Join our Facebook group for updates! And please fill out this form to make sure we have updated information for you and your youth.