St. Paul's Youth

Growing in Faith Together

Sunday Mornings

11:00 a.m.: Youth Sunday School meets in the Student Center where we gather for good eats and discussion using Claim the Life curriculum. This is an important time of faith development as we dig deeper into aspects of our faith that we can apply in our daily lives.

Sunday Evenings

4:00 – 6:00 p.m.: Youth Group and Fellowship with snacks every week for all grades unless a special event is indicated. Sign up to receive our monthly postcard schedule by emailing your home address to  Allison Marcus, Director of Student Ministries. 


Our confirmation program is designed for Youth who are in grade 9 and above. It consists of 90-minute weekly sessions and runs from January through May. Our goal is to nurture confirmands as they grow closer in relationship to God and to each other as they explore more about their faith. Outside of the weekly sessions, confirmands visit other worship settings, participate in community service and meet monthly with a mentor. The confirmands write a Statement of Faith together and participate in a group confirmation ceremony during worship.

Youth Missions

Each summer our youth grow in faith as they serve in missions. Stay tuned for next summer’s plans!

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