Rev. David Livingston
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This Sunday we will introduce the leadership for our upcoming Extra Innings capital campaign. This is the campaign that will retire our debt of more than 25 years.

Earlier this week the debt officially went under $500,000 and keeps going down with every payment. One of the realities for a church that has had long term debt is that we get tired. It’s called “campaign fatigue.” If you say to yourself, “Didn’t we just do a capital campaign?” you may have campaign fatigue! I’m grateful that even with the fatigue, the leaders you will see on Sunday stepped up to the plate to lead again.

A baseball team works hard all year to make it to the playoffs. It’s exhausting. No matter how hard the team worked from April through August if they stop working as hard in September they will fall short of the playoffs. In the same way, we have worked hard for years. The end of the season is in sight. It’s time to finish what we started so long ago and pay off this debt! You’re part of a great team that will work together to get it done!