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Home for Christmas

Home for Christmas

2022 Advent Series

Advent is an invitation. For many, it is the invitation to get into that Christmas spirit, to count down the days to the grand celebration, and let the holiday transform everything around us. But there is a deeper and more profound invitation being offered in the season of Advent. The invitation is to remember that we are heading for home. Or if we’re not, if we’ve forgotten that there is a home toward which to head, it is the invitation to long for the home we call the kin-dom of God. It is where family resides, where peace resides, where justice abides, and hope will rise. Advent reminds us that we shouldn’t be complacent about the way things are – not that we want to become angrily attuned to every perceived failing in those around us or the world at large; but that we want to be those who look forward to something greater, something more that is just on the horizon. Advent is the call to come home. We are longing for the coming kin-dom, where we will study war no more, where people will walk in the light, where joy will be found, and love with be the tie that binds us together. That’s the home for which we long. That’s the invitation this Advent season to your church and the world: “Come home for Christmas.”

9am Contemporary // 11am Traditional

  • 11/27: Time to go Home
  • 12/4: The Fear of Home
  • 12/11: The Joy of Home
  • 12/18: The Blessing of Home

4pm Contemporary // 7pm Traditional // 11pm Traditional

  • 12/24 Christmas Eve – Welcome Home

10am Combined Worship

  • 12/25 Christmas Day – Home for Christmas

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  • Worship from home if you are sick or someone in your home has COVID-19.