Before Facebook helped us keep up with each other when we travelled or went on vacations, postcards were the way you shared your adventures with friends and family. Often, the sender would close with the words, “Wish you were here…”

This Sunday, I’ll share with you what I would have written on my postcard (if there was one big enough!) about my adventures this summer and my experience on Spiritual Renewal Leave.

I had a wonderful experience…and some of it was even planned! I’m sure you know what I mean. No matter how carefully you plan your itinerary and fill it with as much activity as you can, something unexpected happens…and changes everything.

So it is for our lives together as people of faith. We carefully “mapquest” our journey of faith and then something happens. And often it gives us the chance to grow in a whole new way.

I look forward to sharing with you this Sunday, some of those “detours” and “recalculating” moments. Meanwhile, whatever path you’re on, I hope it is bringing you peace and joy.

Pastor Sandra