Rev. David Livingston

It’s nice when a plan comes together.

We’re getting ready to launch a great fall, and it’s all coming together well.

  • Jamie Turk is off to a great start organizing volunteers and launching a new approach to your kids’ Sunday morning experience. Starting September 9 we’ll have a full education experience at 11:00, a fun interactive time for all ages from 10:30-11:00, and a kids worship experience designed through 3rd grade at 9:30. We aren’t carding kids at the door, though. If your 4th grader wants to try kids worship they can and if your younger child wants to worship with you at 9:30 they can do that, too.
  • On the same day we’re launching some Parents time from 10:30-11:00 and 11-12 so that parents of kids can find some common ground, grow in their faith, and grow in their skills.
  • This Sunday and throughout September I’ll be preaching on A Birdseye View of Life. Each week we’ll take a birds eye view (think big, broad strokes) of a different life-stage. You’ll hear some tips for living in that stage AND some tips for relating to a person in that stage. That means each week will be relevant to you because we all know people in a variety of life stages.
  • We want to have a place and space for everyone. The latest way to do that is the launch of Life Groups. These are groups that are based on your self-identified stage of life to discuss life at that stage. They will meet at the time and place of your choosing and for however many sessions you choose. We’ve found some great materials to get you started. We also know that just like the Birdseye View of Life sermon series there are more stages of life and ways of living than we can possibly list. Our list is just a start. If you don’t identify with any of them let us know and we’ll work on developing a group for you.
  • Finally, don’t forget to stick around on September 9 for our Ice Cream Social at noon. It will be delicious!
More plans are in the works – stay tuned and stay connected as the fall moves forward.
P.S. Find out more about what’s new for fall in this week’s newsletter.