Rev. David Livingston

I really appreciate the opportunities that we have for community at St. Paul’s. Many of you will take advantage of that tomorrow night at the Gala and Auction (and if you haven’t checked lately, we’ve added new auction items online). If you aren’t able to attend I really hope you’ll be at the Marti Johnson Music Fund Concert on October 16. Ben Gulley will be tremendous and while the concert is a benefit for the Fund, even if you are not able to make a donation we would love to have you.

Other opportunities for community are just around the corner at the end of this year and the beginning of 2017, too. One reason why spending time in community is important is that it helps us grow closer to one another. Just like spouses need to spend time together to grow closer, we need that with our church family. We need it with God, too. Prayer is one of the ways that we spend time with God. With October just around the corner, I’m excited to be spending the entire month in worship focused on our commitment to prayer. I hope you’ll join us in fellowship and also in worship in the weeks ahead!