Rev. David Livingston

This Sunday we continue to talk about What Matters Most. Our focus will be Unity.

As I write, we are anticipating hearing the results of a Judicial Council case in the next 48 hours that will help determine how and if the United Methodist Church will stay united. I ask for your prayers for the Judicial Council in their ruling, and for the United Methodist Church in this trying time. We are called to stand in the midst of it – not to ignore the reality of our church’s division and also not to wallow in it, but to stand together in solidarity. We are better when we are together. So that’s what we will try to do, while always staying faithful to the mission of St. Paul’s.

Speaking of working together, like any good baseball team you all are continuing to “keep the line moving.” Commitments to the Extra Innings capital campaign continue to come in almost every day and we have now surpassed $400,000! This Sunday we’ll share the First Fruit total – an amount that we will be able to apply immediately to our loan, reducing our debt and interest payments even more. I think you’ll be very pleased to hear how well you are all doing. I look forward to seeing you then and sharing all the good news!