Rev. David Livingston

The week of an election is a time when each party assesses its wins and losses. Where did Republicans beat Democrats and where did Democrats beat Republicans? I’d like to suggest we use different language.

As people of faith, we are not people of a party first. We are people of faith first. If we have to be assigned a party it should be the Party of God. In this party we have disagreements over policy and procedure. We have personality conflicts and at times we have competing secondary values. But we agree on the principle components of the party platform – from Matthew 22, love God with all that you have and love your neighbor as yourself, and from Matthew 28, share the Gospel with the world. Those are not principles that we will necessarily find widespread in Washington, D.C. or Topeka. That’s not ideal, but it is reality.

But here’s some good news – what happens in the halls of government does not have to dictate how we choose to live our lives. No matter what the balance of power is like in government, you and I can still choose to live the life that God calls us to. We can still choose to listen for God’s voice and we can still choose to follow God’s call. We’ll be talking about listening to God’s call on Sunday. I hope you’ll join us!