Pastors are encouraged to make time for continuing education to keep updated of directions for ministry and to sharpen ministry skills. We are also asked to make renewal and spiritual formation a priority. To that end, clergy in the United Methodist Church are allowed time away from the local church, of up to 6 months, to make time for practices that intentionally enhance spiritual renewal.

I have been given approval from our Staff Parish Relations Committee, Senior Pastor, and the Kansas City District Superintendent, to take a Spiritual Renewal Leave that will begin April 24 and conclude July 11. I am very grateful for this opportunity to study some, travel some, and be intentional about caring for my soul and the holy rhythm of being. I intend to spend time focusing on spiritual practices that will deepen my own relationship with Christ and enhance my own journey of discipleship.

I look forward to returning to St. Paul’s in July with a rediscovered sense of purpose and call and a renewed energy to engage our life of ministry together in this congregation.