Rev. David Livingston

We are blessed to be part of the connectional United Methodist Church. We are tied to Christians from across the world in our denomination. So I hope that you will consider participating in an opportunity that we will be presenting later in July and August during the 9:30 and 11:00 hours. On July 23, Angela Millard and Dan Key (and maybe another guest or two) will be sharing about the 2017 Annual Conference session. They are your representatives to the Great Plains conference. They can share about our new bishop, the mood of the conference in light of world circumstances, and some of the major topics of conversation and decision.

Then from July 30 through August 20 Meredith Christian (at 9:30) and Andrea Murdock (at 11:00) will lead a study titled Unity of the Church and Human Sexuality. This is a very good four-week study on our denomination and LGBT concerns. Andrea and Meredith are both experienced facilitators and are familiar with the subject. About 20 minutes of reading each week is the only preparation you need and will help catch you up on conversations that are happening around the globe.

I consider it a privilege to be a United Methodist pastor and to be your pastor. I hope to be both for a long time to come!