As you look through this week’s newsletter I hope that you’ll find at least one fun summer activity to be involved in. My personal favorite: the Comedy City show on June 25. You’ll have an absolute blast with a group that adjusts the comedy to the audience that is there. One week later on July 1 we’ll have a fun and educational experience with the Ramadan fast-breaking. This evening experience is a great opportunity to learn more about Muslim practices so that we can be good neighbors. Then on July 22 those of us who went on the Greece trip will share some of our stories at a church potluck.

Three very different experiences, at least one of which I’m sure would work well for you. See more information in the newsletter and in the weeks to come. And don’t forget to use the new InFellowship website to find groups to join. There are now 40 different St. Paul’s groups that you can explore there!

~ Pastor David