Rev. David Livingston

Last Saturday I was embarrassed to be in a country where hate and bigotry still have such a strong foothold. On Sunday I was proud to be the pastor of a church that took to the Internet in such a powerful way to stand for justice and equality. You responded in worship and in the hours after with a tidal wave of messages on social media opposing racism and the events in Charlottesville on Saturday. My favorite was an eloquent post from one of our longest tenured members, Linda Stoner, that tagged St. Paul’s at the bottom. It was copied word for word by several of you AND by at least two people who aren’t even associated with our church!

Now the bad news: Charlottesville was just one place on one day. The Southern Poverty Law Center identifies 917 hate groups in the United States, including 7 in Kansas and 3 more near the state borders in Missouri and Nebraska. We know that other rallies are already being planned. And we know that hate doesn’t just happen in rallies. It happens in silent ways every day and in many places. I urge you to continue to speak out on this important topic, not just in the general ways like last week but also in specific ways when you hear individuals speak of hate.

Listed below are two rallies coming soon in Kansas City that you may be interested in attending. You can also see our bishop’s response to Charlottesville here.

No Place for Hate
JC Nichols Fountain
Sunday, August 20, 12:00 PM
We are standing in solidarity with Charlottesville. We also want to #standagainsthate in solidarity for all communities in the United States affected by hatred and violence, including our own. Find out more >

Women’s Labor Day Walk — United We Stand
Sidewalk at Grand Avenue and Pershing Road near Crown Center
Monday, September 4, 12:00 PM
Women & Families for a United States of America. We are standing in solidarity with Charlottesville and sending the clear message that Americans want to be united with people of all colors, countries religions and LGBT. Join us as we walk. Find out more >