Pastor Kyle Reynolds

Rev. Kyle Reynolds (he/him)

Senior Pastor

Rev. Eric Vogt

Rev. Eric Vogt (he/him)

Associate Pastor

Jessica Richard

Rev. Jessica Richard (she/her)

Pastor of Children & Family Ministries

Jackson Thomas

Jackson Thomas (he/him)

Director of Choral Music

Mitch Duperree

Mitch Duperree (he/him)

Contemporary Music Director

Jenny Adams

Jenny Adams (she/her)

Contemporary Music Assistant & Drummer

Joshua Lawlor

Joshua Lawlor (he/him)


Jesi Lipp

Jesi Lipp (they/them)

Video Tech Coordinator

Charlie Gannon

Charlie Gannon (he/him and they/them)

Sound Coordinator

Sydney Williams

Sydney Williams (she/her)

Youth Director

Mike Marcus

Mike Marcus (he/him)

Deacon in Residence

Stephanie Parenza

Stephanie Parenza (she/her)

Business Manager

Janice Colt

Janice Colt (she/her)

Communications Director

Denise Estes

Denise Estes (she/her)

Administrative Assistant

Hadi Al Faris

Hadi Al Faris (he/him)

Custodial Manager