Rev. David Livingston

A St. Paul’s member recently shared with me about an encounter with a stranger. After sharing that she was a member here, the stranger said that we are all going to hell. Literally, that’s what the person said. Hearing that story made me sad. It makes me sad that anybody would think that standing for inclusion (which is what the issue was for this person) would condemn a person. At the same time, in a way it made me proud of you. In Revelation 3:16 we’re told that God spits out – literally that God vomits – those with lukewarm faith. It has been said that those who are theologically “moderate” or “liberal” are really just “lukewarm.” That is not what I find at St. Paul’s. You are passionate! That means that as a congregation we will have a reputation. Jesus hung out with people who had a reputation. I’d like to think Jesus would enjoy hanging out with us at St. Paul’s. Keep building our reputation through word and deed that this is a place that loves God and all people. Some people won’t like it. That’s OK. We’ll keep being faithful as best as we can.