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Seeking answers to our questions, walking with God in community
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Weekly Small Groups

Being part of a small group working through questions about faith and life is an important part of spiritual growth. If you aren’t already part of one, this is your time!

Our small groups have moved from meeting in the building to meeting by Zoom or outdoors (masked and distanced). Check out the current offerings and sign up! All groups are open and ready to welcome you in your faith journey. If you have questions about getting started, contact Pastor Sandra Cox. 

Note: If you’d like to schedule an on-site meeting for your small group, please contact the church office to make arrangements.


Micah Class

Micah Class | Sundays 9:30-10:45am

We meet each Sunday to discuss contemporary topics of faith. On Sunday, August 22, we’ll be starting a study of Working Class Rage by Tex Sample. Join us via Zoom; find the link here.

How to join: Contact Sandy Finney

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Soul Reset | Sundays @ 4pm

Pastor Sandra and Patricia Marcus will lead a six week small group study of Junius Dotson’s Soul Reset on Sundays in person at the church from 4:00-5:00pm. In his book, Dotson describes the process he used to do “a hard stop of chronic busyness; a deep look inward and an intentional look to God; and a new, more holistic journey forward that more closely resembles an abundant life into which Jesus calls his disciples.” If you are ready to move from chronic busyness to a more holistic and meaningful life, please join this group!

How to join: Contact Pastor Sandra


Bible 101

Bible 101 | Mondays @ 6:30pm Sept. 13 – Oct. 18

Host: Rev. Marilyn Gregory

Back by popular demand, this small group will begin with the basics about the Bible: how it came to be, what’s in it, and how we can read it as faithful people. If you have always felt like you needed a good introduction to get you started, this is the small group for you! Rev. Marilyn Gregory, a retired United Methodist pastor, will bring her deep knowledge of and love for our sacred scriptures as she leads this study to help you get a handle on how both the Old Testament and the New Testament shape our identity as God’s people. You don’t want to miss this opportunity! We’ll meet via Zoom from 6:30-8:00 pm September 13-October 18.

How to join: Contact Pastor Sandra


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The Group | Tuesdays 6pm

Host: rotating leadership
Focusing on relationship with one another, the group will discuss differing topics each week that will allow for growth and education while seeking answers to our questions.

How to join: Contact Pastor Sandra

Podcast Group

Faith & Real Life Podcast Reflections | 2nd & 4th Tuesdays @ 8:15pm

Host: Ray Millard
Are you looking for a small group that meets to consider how faith impacts real life? Join host Ray Millard via Zoom 2nd & 4th Tuesdays each month at 8:15pm for about an hour. The group, designed especially for men, will reflect on podcasts they listen to between meetings.

How to join: Contact Ray Millard


Scott Groth

Men’s Study Group | Wednesdays 6:30-7:30am

Host: Scott Groth

This group meets to discuss contemporary topics of faith at 6:30am via Zoom. Join us!

How to join: Contact Bruce LaLonde


Rev. Sandra Cox, Pastor of Faith Formation

Women’s Study Group | Wednesdays @ 1pm

Host: Sandra Cox

This group explores what it means to learn and grow as faithful women in our homes, work, and relationships.

Is this the season for you to make your spiritual life a priority? Are you looking for an intentional focus on God and your own journey of faith? Is it time for a “reset?” That is precisely why Junius Dotson wrote this book, Soul Reset. In this small group, we will explore how to clear away the clutter and find a way to make time for what really matters.

We meet via Zoom from 1:00-2:30 pm.

How to join: Contact Pastor Sandra

Mike Marcus, Pastor of Presence Ministry

Presence Small Group | 7:30 pm

Host: Mike Marcus

Presence is a neurodiverse worship community. We welcome and celebrate the different ways in which we all interact with God, each other, and our environment.

Presence meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p.m., currently on Zoom; contact Mike Marcus for the link. Please let Mike know if there’s something we can do to help you more fully participate in the group. Advance notice of our discussion question for the week is available by request. Let us know if that (or anything else) would be helpful for you!

How to join: Contact Mike Marcus

Jamie Turk, Director of Children & Family MInistries

Wednesday Evening Women’s Group | 8-9 pm

Host: Jamie Turk

Are you over-scheduled due to stress we put on ourselves from work and mothering? This group for adult women meets weekly via Zoom on Wednesdays at 8pm for laughter, friendship and conversation! Our group chooses faith formational studies that pique our interest.

Summer is busy! We’re going to meet every other week for the rest of summer (7/28, 8/11, and 8/25) until after Labor Day; we’ll meet weekly again starting September 8. Until the end of September we’ll be listening to a podcast called The Bible Binge, and focus specifically on Paul, the persecutor who became the persecuted. Contact Jamie Turk for more info!

How to join: Contact Jamie Turk


The Seekers

The Seekers | Thursdays 6pm

Host: Sharry Lockhart

Come join us for a lively discussion!

How to join: Contact Sharry Lockhart