Eyyup Esen of the Dialogue Institute of The Southwest – Kansas City talks about how you can contribute to the “global warming of hearts.”

AnchorRamadan Fast-Breaking Dinner

• 8:00-8:15  Reception
• 8:15-8:45  Presentation about Ramadan
• 8:45  Dinner
Children are welcome!
RSVP by June 5 to patricia.anne.cooper@gmail.com

Once again St. Paul’s has the opportunity to benefit from the generosity of members of the Dialogue Institute of Kansas City. This is the group that shared Baklava with us in February. They are a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote mutual understanding, respect, and cooperation among people of diverse faiths and cultures by creating opportunities for direct communication and meaningful shared experiences.

On Friday, June 9, they will be at St. Paul’s to share their Ramadan fast-breaking evening meal with us. We will be just one of many churches throughout the area to benefit from their generosity.

Ramadan is the time each year when Muslims neither eat nor drink from dawn to dusk in order to help them focus on prayer, charity, and self-reflection. After sunset they traditionally break their fast and share their meal with friends and neighbors.

Our evening begins at 8:00pm with a reception, presentation about Ramadan, and the chance to visit with Muslim families. Then, after sunset, around 8:45pm, we will be able to try the delicious food brought by Institute members. The evening will be a great opportunity to meet and talk again with families of another faith.

Children are welcome! Donations will be accepted for the meal. RSVP by June 5 to patricia.anne.cooper@gmail.com