St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Lenexa, KS Online and in Church Privacy Policy

At St. Paul’s, our mission is to Love, Seek and Serve. We love to connect with people to seek ways to serve. We also believe that some things are OK to keep between you and God. Or between you and your pastor. So this is our description of what information we collect from you, what we do with it and who gets to see it.

What we collect

We want you to be comfortable sharing with us, as we share the love of Christ. So, the information you give is voluntary. Our key points of information are the basic personal identifiers of name, address, phone number, worship or group attendance and things you like to do. We also keep some information about your contributions, so that we can provide you with a statement and plan the church budget. Our website hosting service uses some technologies, such as IP address monitoring and security cookies to help prevent problems. You’ll also be asked to provide information when you choose to donate online. We use some third party providers for these services that we have reviewed to meet our necessary level of trust. They have privacy and security policies available on their sites.

What we do with it

In addition to the typical counting and accounting issues, we collect your information primarily as a means to help our mission to love, seek and serve you. This is why it’s important for you to share your interests with us through surveys, discussions and our InFellowship website. There are reports to the UMC Conference that are much easier with a little bit of information from you. Also, part of our mission to serve you is to help you find the best opportunities to serve others, based on who you are. For this reason, we use what you share in ministry matching, InFellowship data analysis and congregational involvement suggestions.

Who gets to see your information

We want you to be constructively involved in who can see your information. Aside from a few individuals who help with administration, you will decide exactly what is shared. The main people who will always have some access are our pastors, membership coordinators and those who help with finances, so they can keep the books. Each of these groups has roles-based access controls and few are able to see everything in your records. For instance, any notes the pastors keep on you are strictly controlled and kept very private. However, your phone number may be shared with the event coordinator if you indicate an interest in helping with an event.


We love and seek to serve all of God’s children. We take special care and consideration for the younger ones. Our children’s ministries coordinators will help you make sure we have the correct information about your young ones and that it meets your standards of respect and security.


From time to time, we may change the wording on this page and possibly some of the exact nature of how we manage your information. We may not make efforts to publicize those changes. However, we will never stop putting God’s love first and we will never stop treating you and your information with the love and respect He charges us to share.

Access and Questions

This is all a general description of our policy. If you’d like to know more or think something needs to be corrected, please contact us.