Children’s Day Out (CDO)

When you enter the CDO room you will find lots of active learning going on! New ideas, concepts, and experiences are being presented. Children are learning about themselves, others, and the environment in fun and playful ways. Social/emotional, language, and self-help skills are emphasized. If separation anxiety is an issue for your child, our experienced, nurturing teachers will help you and your child work through it and before long, your child will be bounding into the classroom eager to begin his or her day. Children do NOT need to be potty trained to join this class.

CDO is offered in 2 weekly sessions:

  • Monday & Wednesday  8:15-11:15
  • Tuesday & Thursday  8:15-11:15

Young Learners

When you child enters our preschool program, you will find more structured learning. Children are introduced to science, math, language, literacy, and social studies concepts through exploration with hands-on materials that foster critical thinking and discovery. When your child enters this class, s/he will participate in our “Specials”: Jesus and Me, Art Studio, and Music Time. Children MUST be potty trained.

Young Learners is offered for children who have turned 3 years by August 31:

  • Mon/Wed/Fri    8:15-11:15
  • Tues/Thurs        8:15-11:15

PreKindergarten (Pre-K)

Both our 3 day and 5 day Pre- K classes fully prepare children for kindergarten. We emphasize age-appropriate academics, social/emotional, and physical skills that will give your child the confidence needed when they enter Kindergarten. The curriculum continues to be play-based and teacher directed with minimal use of worksheets. Our hands-on, theme-based lessons allow children to use their senses to make discoveries and build on previous knowledge and skills. Our Pre-K classes participate in our “Specials”: Jesus and Me, Art Studio, and Music Time. Our 5 day Pre-K class is especially appropriate for older children who have missed the cut-off for kindergarten or for those who would benefit from an extra year before transitioning into kindergarten.

Pre-K is offered for children who have turned 4 years by August 31:

  • Mon/Wed/Fri 8:15-11:15
  • Mon-Fri 8:15-11:15

Lunch Bunch

Optional extended hours are offered each week on Tuesday or Wednesday depending upon your child’s regularly scheduled class. Lunch Bunch is open to all children enrolled in one of our programs, including CDO. Children who attend will bring a nutritious sack lunch and enjoy extra time with friends, working with classroom materials, and spending time outdoors. Lunch Bunch is not a drop-off service. It will be necessary to enroll your child. The Lunch Bunch offer is dependent upon enrollment numbers.

  • Tuesday 11:15-1:15
  • Wednesday 1:15-1:15

We follow the Shawnee Mission School District for days off throughout the year including those for inclement weather.

Tuition rates are prorated for the entire year regardless of how many days of attendance in each month. Tuition rates can be found on our Enrollment Form.