Praying with St. Paul’s

Prayer is a powerful way to find our connection to each other and, most especially, to God. If you haven’t already, consider incorporating prayer into some of your daily routines. Sign up to receive Praying with St. Paul’s, a weekly email inviting you to pray with your St. Paul’s family, or submit a prayer request to be included in the email.

Pray while you walk
If your daily routine includes a walk that takes you by a school, take a moment to walk the parking lot and while you do, pray for students, teachers, and parents. If your walk takes you through your neighborhood, pray for people who live in the houses you pass, for their health and their well-being; seniors and the elderly who may be isolated from family; postal, delivery, construction, and other service providers.

Pray while you drive
If your daily routine includes driving, take a moment to notice the businesses you drive past. If you can, pull into the parking lot and pray from your car. In the parking lot of:

  • a hospital or medical facility, pray for the health care professionals and their patients
  • a small business, pray for all the employees
  • a grocery store, pray for the safety of those who work there and all who shop there
  • a restaurant, pray for customers and employees

You get the idea. Wherever you are, it is an opportunity to try to see the world the way God sees it. To love what God loves and to offer yourself as an instrument of care and hope in the world.

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