Rev. David Livingston

Labor Day weekend represents our last glimpse of summer and, of course, a day off of work for many of us on Monday!

Let us not forget the purpose of Labor Day. Labor Day originated in the 19th century as the labor movement gained steam. It was made a national holiday in 1894 after workers died in a railroad strike. By becoming a national holiday, Labor Day became a day when almost all workers stop working. Perhaps the greatest exception to this is some of the very people that the holiday first honored. If you have a plumbing emergency a plumber will still come fix your leak. If you have a gas leak the gas company will still come out. If the gas ignites into a fire the fire department will still answer the call.

So whether or not you have the day off from work, I hope we will all take a minute this weekend to pray for and honor the work that is done faithfully on our behalf by so many people every day.