Our July mission project was a huge success! Humans and pets at Wayside Waifs were thrilled to receive our donations, especially all the cute fleece blankets, and Ann Thomas even went home with Ernest “Ernie” Hemingway, an orange tabby kitten who looks like her very first cat.

Donated items were put to use immediately. Fleece blankets went to the cat cages and to some puppies who just came out of surgery, and toys were brought inside to be distributed. A huge St. Paul’s shoutout goes to the volunteers who made and delivered items to Wayside Waifs and the many, many families who donated fleece, blankets, towels, newspapers, food and treats. Here’s the story in numbers (approximate, but pretty close! Individual names will appear in this week’s e-news).

1 carload of newspapers
79 towels
6 dog beds
23 blankets
1 dog crate
1 litter pan
90 lbs of dry cat/dog food
2 1/2 cases of canned food
1 case and 2 bags of of treats plus 8 chew toys
64 fleece tie blankets
69 fleece braided toys
225 cat fleece toys

43 people made and/or delivered items to Wayside Waifs and many families donated fleece, towels, pet food/treats, and newspapers
14 people tied and braided fleece blankets and toys at Youth Group
13 people made toys and blankets at home
16 people unloaded 4 carloads of donations and toured Wayside Waifs

Thank you St. Paul’s! #blessed