It snowed this week. Nothing stuck around for very long, but still. It snowed.

This, after a week of weather so warm we broke out our short sleeved shirts and flip flops.

The daffodils are so confused they don’t know what to do.

In my front yard, they had already begun to bloom. My husband and I decided after dinner to go out and cover the poor things to spare them the brunt of the overnight cold. Our 18-month-old granddaughter was with us. She carried the flashlight while we carried old towels into the garden. She kept saying, “Bath?” as she looked at the towels. No, we said, we are tucking them in to stay warm overnight.

She laughed. I’m not sure if it was at the thought of flowers getting tucked in at night or that her grandparents didn’t know how towels were supposed to be used. Either way, she was right to laugh.

Spring is that time when we see the earth begin to awaken and come to life. It isn’t always a smooth or logical process. Sometimes things don’t seem to come in the right order. Bright, warm days are followed by cloudy, messy ones. But, eventually, it all gets sorted out and the flowers bloom and the trees leaf out.

So it is for us in the season of Lent. We make some progress in our spiritual life, only to feel as if we take a step or two backwards when confronted with cloudy, messy days. But just as it is with Spring, the Holy Spirit continues to lead us until we find new life emerging for us.

If you are returning from Spring Break…or experienced it right here in your own backyard…I pray it has been a good time, renewing and life-giving. If you have yet to experience Spring Break, I pray that it will be for you all that you need.

Because just like the daffodils in my yard, we all need something that gives us the strength to brace for the cloudy, messy times of life.

I hope to see you in church this Sunday!