Serve from home, at St. Paul's, and in the community

Serving God by Serving Others

Having a heart for service is an integral part of our walk with Christ. God has gifted each of us with unique abilities to use for God’s glory. No matter how you feel called to serve – making music, working with kids or youth, serving Communion, growing food in our garden for local pantries, providing support to church family members in challenging times, and much more! – we can help you find a way to serve God by serving others.

In addition to serving at St. Paul’s and from home, we also work alongside many partner organizations in our community and around the world. Here are a few of the current opportunities to Serve God by serving others; check them out and get involved!

First Sunday Food Drive

Our next First Sunday Food Drive is February 7, 11:30am-12:30pm. The Hub is asking for 15 oz. cans of tomatoes (diced, crushed, sauce stewed, rotel). Johnson County North Central Multi-Service Center will accept food in similar sized cans of all kinds. Thank you for your commitment to Serve God by Serving Others.

kids & youth service opp

Kids & Youth Service Opportunity

Sign up now or contact Jamie for more info!

Cross-Lines Food Kitchen

Would you like to join one of the St. Paul’s teams that serve monthly at Cross-Lines Food Kitchen? If you’re interested in providing food or serving, please contact Janet Podoll for more information.

You can also heck out their online sign up form to view weekly opportunities to help pack food boxes, assist in the food pantry, or help to make and serve meals. If you’d like to partner with another person from St. Paul’s, please contact Janet Podoll and we’ll put you in touch with a person or group.

Volunteering at the Hub

The Hub Argentine

Get involved with ministries going on at the Hub; there’s something for everyone! Watch the video to find out more, or visit the Hub online. 

Tend the Food Pantry Garden

All of the fresh veggies and fruits from our garden go to local food pantries. Contact Kurt Hookstra for more info, and be sure to join our Facebook garden group to stay in the loop. You can bring your kitchen scraps to the compost bin all year long! There’s always something growing on in the garden.