Serve from home, at St. Paul's, and in the community

Serving God by Serving Others

Having a heart for service is an integral part of our walk with Christ. God has gifted each of us with unique abilities to use for God’s glory. No matter how you feel called to serve – making music, working with kids or youth, serving Communion, growing food in our garden for local pantries, providing support to church family members in challenging times, and much more! – we can help you find a way to serve God by serving others.

In addition to serving at St. Paul’s and from home, we also work alongside many partner organizations in our community and around the world. Here are a few of the current opportunities to Serve God by serving others; check them out and get involved!

Cross-Lines volunteers

Cross-Lines Food Kitchen: Provide and/or serve food

Each month we provide food and serve in the food kitchen. Our next serving date is Friday, November 20. We need food providers (tortilla wraps, fruit, brownies), donations for food, and servers to pack sack lunches at the kitchen. Servers will travel to Cross-Lines at 9:30am and spend 3 hours filling lunch bags and passing them out to people through a plexiglass shielded door space. There is no inside dining, and mask-wearing volunteers will social distance while packing lunches and handing the sacks out at the window. Contact Janet Podoll. Cross-Lines has ongoing need for helpers at the food kitchen, food pantry, and commodities area. All volunteers should wear masks, and there is always social distancing. We are happy to link you with another person or two from St. Paul’s to work with. Go to the Cross-Lines Signup Genius to check out the service opportunities. Contact Janet Podoll if you have questions.

learning pods

Tend the Food Pantry Garden

All of the fresh veggies and fruits from our garden go to local food pantries. Contact Kurt Hookstra for more info, and be sure to join our Facebook garden group to stay in the loop.