Rev. David Livingston

As 2019 begins, I’m reminded of the hard work so many people put in to making 2018 a year that St. Paul’s made a difference.¬†

  • We fed tens of thousands of people through Servant Sunday, our regular participation in the Cross-Lines Food Kitchen, and providing food for two food pantries. We assisted more than a dozen organizations throughout the year.
  • We welcomed 32 new full members into our church family (and many others who have become regular participants).
  • We revamped our Children’s Ministry with new director Jamie Turk (and in January we’ll introduce a new mid-week component to our upper elementary program).
  • Our Presence small group worship ministry found a regular home at CommuniTea in Overland Park, and we received a grant from the Great Plains Conference to continue to expand this creative outreach.
  • We invited more adults to think more deeply about their faith through new small groups established in the spring and the fall. We also saw an increase in regular participation by teenagers in Sunday activities.

We live in a time when the common narrative, especially for churches, is fear of the future. That is not what we are choosing to do. There is too much good happening and too much more good that still needs to be done. Thank you for your contributions in time, prayer, resources, and energy to help St. Paul’s continue to be a place that Loves God unconditionally, Seeks answers to our questions, and Serves God by serving others.

I’m looking forward to 2019. I hope you are too!