Rev. David Livingston

These may be some of the most important weeks in the last decade of St. Paul’s ministry.

Over the last several months the divisions in our country, our denomination, our workplaces, and even our families have strained us. Social media continues to help us connect with friends and acquaintances, but it has also allowed us to speak to others as objects instead of human beings. Some of us look forward to a new presidency with hope, while others of us look at the next four years with fear.

Jesus stands in the middle of this conflict and polarization. Jesus always stands with us. And Jesus has a very broad idea of who is included in “us.” This will be our focus in the weeks ahead. In worship we’re going to be talking about how we can make a difference for good in the year ahead. In essence, how do we fulfill our membership vow to “resist evil and injustice in the world.” You will also see multiple venues in the weeks ahead to practice the “Do Something!” principle. Some of those opportunities will be on Sunday mornings, some will be at other times. In every case, you are invited to be part of making a difference in a world that needs to experience the Body of Christ. I hope you will join us for worship and for at least one outside activity.

These are important times. You are important people. May we work together to fulfill what God has planned for us.