Rev. David Livingston

This Sunday is our 4th annual Reconciling Sunday. As a Reconciling Congregation, we strive to live out our commitment to loving all people unconditionally. Our focus this year will be broad. All are welcome, period. This is especially important in light of last week’s ruling of the United Methodist Church’s Judicial Council regarding Bishop Karen Oliveto. Last Sunday I shared the words of our bishop, Rueben Saenz, after the ruling. I also shared my thoughts.

In essence, we know that this is a difficult and controversial time for the United Methodist Church just as it is for the nation as a whole. Nevertheless, our purpose at St. Paul’s remains the same. Our commitment to inclusion and God’s grace remains the same. We know that in 2019 when the next General Conference meets, and certainly by 2020 at the next regular General Conference, we will live in a different kind of denomination. With all of our differences of opinion, there is unity among all United Methodist leaders that the current morass cannot be allowed to continue. SO…between now and then we will hang in there together. And after that day we will still hang in there together! We will work together for what is right and good for the glory of God. See you Sunday!