Rev. David Livingston

I write this from Annual Conference where pastors and representatives from all United Methodist churches in Kansas and Nebraska are gathered together. Along with your pastors, Dan Key and Angela Millard are voting members and Jerry Campbell is attending as an alternate. Maya Larkin is here as a youth delegate as well.

I’ve been asked a lot this week about my experience at General Conference. Part of my answer has been that it’s just good to be home. It’s good to be conferencing with my sisters and brothers in the Great Plains Conference. We are like a familly, disagreeing and disputing sometimes but always remaining united by a common love. I think that’s how we do things at St. Paul’s, too, and after being in the church building for only 3 days total since May 6, I can’t wait to be back on Sunday!

We anticipate both Sandra and I will be reappointed to St. Paul’s for our seventh and tenth years respectively. It’s an honor and a joy to serve God with you in a place where we truly strive to Love, Seek, and Serve God in all we do. I hope to see you this Sunday!

~ Pastor David