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Faith Voices Mission Statement

Faith Voices for Medicaid Expansion wants to join with others across the state to inform individuals and faith communities about the vital health and economic benefits of expanded Medicaid. We will promote the well being and health care delivery system of all Kansans by advocating the passage of Medicaid Expansion in the Kansas Legislature.

Thursday, October 21

7pm via Zoom

Gathering with fellow Kansans to love our neighbors by advocating for healthcare for all.

Will You Join Us in Calling for Medicaid Expansion in Kansas?

Faith communities are tax exempt and may not endorse candidates or raise funds, but faith communities are called to witness to moral issues that involve care for the sick and the poor.

Spencer Culver from Alliance For A Healthy Kansas offers this statement to faith communities. As faith communities we are called to provide for our sisters and brothers in need. One of Jesus’s most vivid and challenging parables is found in Matthew 25:31-46, where we are called to care for those who are hungry, thirsty, sick, or in prison. It tells us Jesus will know we are truly his followers by how we care for needy individuals we encounter every day. One of the most compelling needs for those in our communities is affordable, quality health care. More than
150,000 of our neighbors currently lack access to affordable health insurance. They are not eligible for Kansas’ Medicaid program (KanCare), and do not make enough money for tax credits to help with the cost of insurance. They carry the burden of knowing that a single accident or injury can force them into bankruptcy. They go without preventive care and only seek treatment when their condition worsens, often resulting in a visit to the Emergency Room.

Since 2016, compassionate advocates and lawmakers have developed a plan to provide affordable health care coverage for these 150,000 Kansans. However, expansion of KanCare has been prevented by a handful of legislators, even though according to a poll by political scientists from Fort Hays University, 64% of Kansans agree eligible fellow Kansans deserve this benefit.

Basic Reasons for Kansas to Approve Medicaid Expansion

  • 38 States have approved Medicaid Expansion including every state that borders Kansas. Kansas is one of only 12 states yet to approve Medicaid Expansion.
  • Kansas turns back $1.8million in tax dollars PER DAY that could be used in Kansas.
  • Without expansion the state has turned away more than $4.5 billion in federal dollars since 2014 and will forgo $10.227 billion in economic output in the next 5 years.
  • The federal government pays 90% of the cost of Medicaid Expansion, states pay 10%. Current law increases the federal match by another 5% if passed by March 2022.
  • Five rural Kansas hospitals have closed with more at risk of closure. Better reimbursement from care provided to low-income patients would reduce that risk.
  • Medicaid Expansion will grow the economy and create approximately 13,000 jobs in the first full year of expansion in Kansas.
    Expanding Medicaid will provide health coverage to KS residents who make too much to qualify for the current KanCare Program but too little to get financial help to buy a private plan. Most have jobs in the service industry and fall in the Coverage Gap.

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Additional Partners

Alliance for a Healthy Kansas, KIFA, KC Medical Society Foundation, United Methodist Health Ministry Fund, The Vote Network


Cathy Matlack or Rev. Jack Gregory for more information.