Rev. David Livingston

Extra Innings logoThe leadership team for our next Capital Campaign met for the first time Tuesday evening. “Extra Innings” is the theme for the 18-month campaign that you will begin to hear more about in February. Why Extra Innings? Two reasons.

First, for the last 32 years, St. Paul’s has been doing good and faithful work. Like nine full innings of baseball, you have not taken a single at-bat off. That includes significant capital work like building and expanding our facilities and acquiring property. It also includes paying down the debt incurred by our growth. We’ve worked (and played!) hard for nine innings, but the debt is not quite gone.* It’s time to finish what we started as we go into extra innings!

Second, just like in extra innings, we don’t know precisely when the victory will come. We may receive a grand slam gift that pays off the debt in a few months’ time. Or we may get a game-winning single, that last $100 check after 18 months. Whenever and however it comes, we will take it, celebrate it, and then begin to prepare for the next game. In our case the next game is the next big thing that God is preparing for us and that we are discerning right now. I’m grateful to be together with you on the team as we prepare to start the Extra Innings journey!

*So how much is our debt? BIG NEWS!! When we make our next debt payment on February 15, our total debt will sink below $500,000! We anticipate being close to $400,000 by the time giving on the new campaign starts on May 1.