St. Paul's Church Council

Heather Pineda

Heather Pineda (she/her)

Church Council Chair

Rev. Eric Vogt

Judy Christiansen (she/her)

Lay Leader

Rev. Jessica Richard

Scott Groth (he/him)

Lay Member to Annual Conference

Jackson Thomas

Jesi Lipp (they/them)

Lay Member to Annual Conference

Mitch Duperree

Angela Thornton-Millard (she/her)

Lay Member to Annual Conference

Sydney Williams

Bryan Looze (he/him)

Trustees Chair

Joshua Lawlor

Greg Vermulm (he/him)

Finance Chair

Sonia Manly

Lisa Groth (she/her)

Financial Secretary

Jesi Lipp

George Skells (he/him)

SPR Chair

Stephanie Parenza

Alice Wright (she/her)

Love Council Chair

Janice Colt

Kim Romary (she/her)

Seek Council Chair

Mike Marcus

Amy Rhodes (she/her)

Serve Council Chair

Denise Estes

Opal Walden (she/her)

Youth Representative

Hadi Al Faris

Allison Mehnert (she/her)

Youth Representative