Black & Blue: A Sermon for July 10, 2016

My heart is broken. The only words I have at the moment are those of Romans 8:26: “In the same way, the Spirit comes to help our weakness. We don’t know what we should pray, but the Spirit pleads our case with unexpressed groans.” While we may not have words, may we pray that the words and the actions will be revealed to us by God so that as a nation we can become what God wants us to become. We all know this is not it.

Worship this Sunday will address this week’s violence instead of the planned start of the series on Greece. I hope you’ll join us for healing and hope and then be back on July 17 as we start exploring Paul’s (and St. Paul’s!) travels in Greece. The series will continue through August.

Finally, next week I will be out of town for the last time this summer, this time going to Wichita for Jurisdictional Conference. The primary purpose of the conference is to elect new bishops, most likely including our own bishop beginning September 1. The voting will take place on Thursday and Friday. I appreciate your prayers for myself and all 200+ delegates as well as the nine candidates for bishop. These are precarious times and we need faithful and bold leaders now more than ever.

~ Pastor David