General Conference 2019 Follow-up

St. Paul’s Church Council Adopts the Four UMCNext Commitments

AnchorAugust 22, 2019: The Great Plains Annual Conference adopted a resolution this summer supporting the four commitments and inviting each congregation to have a conversation about them. Since then, some Kansas and Nebraska congregations have chosen to support the movement by adopting the commitments locally too. Last week Church Council adopted the four UMCNext commitments as a congregation to show our support for this movement of centrist and progressive United Methodists and a path toward full inclusion of our LGBTQ+ siblings. These four commitments are very much in line with our mission and welcome statement, and we are glad to offer our support. We hope that this will be a witness that invites other congregations to have these discussions locally too.

St. Paul’s will always be St. Paul’s – committed to loving God and all others unconditionally, seeking answers to our questions, and serving God by serving others. We are responding as a community to the decisions made at General Conference 2019. Find out more through the links below, or contact