St. Paul’s Preschool & CDO

7740 Lackman Rd., Lenexa, KS  66217

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Nestled in a lovely wooded area just east of 79th St. on Lackman Road, St. Paul’s Preschool is one of Lenexa’s best places for children. St. Paul’s Preschool provides learning experiences to help a child build a strong foundation for future success. Children explore various centers to gain knowledge and skills in science, language, math, art, drama, small motor manipulatives and practical life. Our class routine combines child directed and teacher directed activities as well as small and large group activities, in a creative, stimulating, and nurturing environment.

Additional activities that are unique components to our school include:

Nature Adventures
Science and wildlife explorations abound in our natural outdoor environment as children interact with the natural world. Observing tadpoles in the frog pond, imitating a grasshopper in the field, and listening to stories under a branch arbor are a few of the possibilities. Natural learning is encouraged as children’s own interests and discoveries guide exploration or is combined with teacher led activities.

Art Studio
Children engage in art activities using a variety of art mediums, paint, chalk, clay, beads, metals, and wood. The children learn about master artists, Van Gogh, Picasso, Da Vinci, and others, as well as local artists, and create a work of art in the artist’s style. An annual Art Fair highlights the works of the young artists.

Jesus and Me
The spiritual learning segment invites children to enter a quiet, meditative area for worship where lessons about Jesus and the New Testament are presented. The curriculum includes Montessori lessons using interactive materials such as a small rock wall with a wooden shepherd and sheep for the child to play with during the “good shepherd” lesson.

Music Instruction
“It’s Music Time” is the phrase children sing out when they enter the area for music instruction. Rhythm movement, songs, and instruments help children know the joy of music along with learning about basic music concepts and music of different cultures.